James Lee

For The King
Posted by | August 15, 2017
Review: For the King

The King was loved by many IronOak Games got the attention of the indie scene during their first Kickstarter campaign, getting over three thousand backers to triple their initial asking...

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Posted by | August 4, 2017
Review: The Shrouded Isle

You’ll have to make a few sacrifices. Literally. It started at the triannual Ludum Dare game jam. The prompt was “You are the Monster.” Kitfox, creators of the indie RPG...

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Posted by | August 15, 2016
WoW Pre-Legion Patch Part 2: Demonic Boogaloo – MMO Corner

Demons....demons everywhere!! So as I last left you lovely people, I had just gotten done talking about the first half of the pre-expansion launch patch and all the cool stuff...

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Dead by Daylight
Posted by | August 8, 2016
First Look: Dead by Daylight

Can you and your friends live to see the Daylight? Have you ever watched a slasher flick and you're on the edge of your seat screaming at the top of...

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Posted by | August 8, 2016
MMO Corner – World of Warcraft: Legion pre-launch

World of Warcraft Pre-Legion Launch Patch Part 1: WoW just got fancy Account wide wardrobe, class changes, and Doomsayers show that World of Warcraft has a bit of life left....

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Punch Club - Twitch Plays
Posted by | March 7, 2016
The Dark Fist – Punch Club Returns With a Super Expansion

Tuesday is the day to punch criminals right in their faces Earlier this year, tinyBuild Games issued a challenge to Twitch; their new game Punch Club wouldn’t be released for...

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Blue Rider Title Screen
Posted by | March 6, 2016
Blue Rider – Review of the Not-So-Easy Rider

"Hey. Cool Bike, Bro-karot." Megaman riding a hoverbike, on the Planet Namek, with the Metal Slug. Ravegan is an Argentinian developer/outsourcing company that has worked with Disney, Kiwi, and Playdom...

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Jay and Silent Bob Chronic Blunt Punch
Posted by | February 24, 2016
Jay and Silent Bob Punch Up a New Crowdfunded Game

Warning: Definitely not suitable for children. Unless your parents are pot heads. Jay and Silent Bob use their head Snoochie Boochies, yous guys. It’s the game some have been waiting...

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Posted by | February 9, 2016
Review: Bombshell aims high, falls short.

Bombshell brings all the bombs to the yard. I think I speak for everyone when I say I miss 90s airbrushed box art. In 2010, long before there was Bombshell,...

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The Park Title
Posted by | February 4, 2016
Review: The Park – Thrills, Spills, and Psychosis

Thanks for entering The Park. Enjoy your nightmare. The Secret World is an MMO from Funcom. In it, you play an investigator that peaks behind the dark veil of the...

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