Matt Delhauer

Posted by | August 23, 2017
Past and Future Collide in ALL WALLS MUST FALL on Steam (Review)

I have loved cyberpunk for quite some time, and never shy away from a chance to delve into a dark, gritty, and neon-colored future. Hell, I made sure to put...

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Posted by | July 14, 2017
Far Cry 5 Revealed, and It’s Not What We Expected…or is It?

This week, Ubisoft has revealed the setting and antagonists for the fifth installment of their Far Cry series. The quick trailer teases a Montana setting, while their antagonist revealed the...

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Posted by | September 8, 2016

In a fantastical realm filled with magic, myth, and monsters a young boy sets out on a journey to discover his father’s fate and cleanse the world of a darkness...

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Posted by | June 13, 2016
First Look and Cast Info for BATMAN: THE TELLTALE SERIES

I'm Bat-uh-Bruce Wayne, and I will fight for you While plenty of news has already come out of E3, some companies were not interested in waiting. Early Saturday, Telltale Games...

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Posted by | June 9, 2016
DESTINY: RISE OF IRON Expansion Announced

Today, Bungie revealed that their online-shooter RPG series, Destiny, will receive its next big story expansion this September. Destiny: Rise of Iron was revealed today during a live stream on Twitch in...

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Posted by | February 10, 2016
McFarlane Toys to make TITANFALL 2 Action Figures

Coming to stores in Winter 2016, McFarlane Toys will be spearheading the creation of action figures based on Titanfall 2. While the original Titanfall was one of the most hyped games...

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Posted by | February 10, 2016
New Stills and a Release Date for THE WALKING DEAD: MICHONNE

Sharpen your katanas, Jumpers, because we are heading back into the apocalypse sooner than expected. Telltale Games' Walking Dead mini-series, based on the fan-favorite character Michonne, will release it's first episode to...

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Posted by | January 14, 2016
STAR TREK: TIMELINES Now Available on iOS and Android

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original Star Trek television series Disruptor Beam, and CBS Consumer Products are allowing fans the chance to boldly go into the world of...

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Posted by | January 8, 2016
First Look: PONCHO

When Poncho first starts up it brings players through a rather simple tutorial of its core mechanics. Like Fez before it, Poncho takes the concept of a 2D platformer and...

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Posted by | September 30, 2015
Ghost Off: Dinklage vs North as DESTINY’s Tiny Companion

It has been over a year since Bungie's newest original property, Destiny, was released after months and months of anticipation. The game, sadly, had several different reason to fall short...

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