Posted by | July 14, 2016
Splashy Cats Review – A Belly Flop

It's amazing to live in an age where anyone, anywhere, can design a video game. It doesn't even matter how lazy and creatively bankrupt you are. You too can design...

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Posted by | January 7, 2016
The Weekly Jump 134 – ….Oh God Another Season…

*Drinking Intensifies* We kick off the New Year with Spider Man bubble baths, Pokemon demons, Steam back logs, and coloring books! Than we reflect on Murdered: Soul Suspect and L.A....

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Posted by | November 24, 2015
The Weekly Jump 133 – A Very Crowded and Very Happy Thanksgiving Jump!

Oh just fuck writing the transcript for this episode. Happy Thanksgiving 2015 to all and enjoy getting fat! Like games? Like nonsense? Like turkey? Than subscribe!

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Posted by | November 11, 2015
The Weekly Jump Episode 131 – The Fallout 4 Boys

We talk about the latest Fallout 4 Boy album and how much we love it, than digress onto some other small tidbits of news! SUBSCRIBE IF YOU LOVE FALLOUT 4...

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Posted by | October 21, 2015
The Weekly Jump Episode 128 – In a Snack Filled Galaxy Far, Far, Away…

Mallomars are on the discussion as well as the various snack foods we all enjoy come to the surface to haunt us with temptations of being fat and delicious! In...

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Posted by | October 14, 2015
The Weekly Jump 127 – To Battlefront or Not to Battlefront!

Probably not! We discuss the most absurd common game ability one could have, than go off on a tangent of the DOOM having a book series! Friday the 13th has...

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Posted by | October 6, 2015
Hidden Gems: GrimGrimoire

Name: GrimGrimoire System: PS2 Release Date U.S.: June 6, 2007 Developer: Vanillaware and Nipon Ichi [1] Hello, and welcome to another edition of Hidden Gems. In this series, I will...

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Posted by | September 30, 2015
The Weekly Jump 125 – No Body Wants to go to This Town….

We wonder how life would be if we had save points in real life as we lament upon the lack of auto save of Divinity: Original Sin and than celebrate...

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Posted by | September 23, 2015
The Weekly Jump 124 – The Deep Webs…aka Our Browser History

We answer our questions with another set of questions! Than we kick off into the Tokyo Game Show 2015 by starting off with the talk of Attack on Titan video...

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