Captain America: Civil War- Geek Chorus #26


Captain America: Civil War. A film that has divided the Geek Chorus, yet united at the same time. TEAM CAP! TEAM IRON MAN! MOSTLY TEAM T’CHALLA! Rob, Mike, Nick, and Jeremy discuss what might be Marvel’s best movie yet, Captain America: Civil War. There are feelings, politics, and fanboy moments galore, and we break them all down. But seriously, Black Panther though. From the highs to the lows to the in-betweens and the easter eggs, the divide amongst heroes and how the Russo Brothers once again change the scope of the MCU via Captain American and the Civil War brought upon by the actions of the Avengers, ALL will be discussed. What’s the status quo of the MCU? Where do The Avengers go from here? How does Captain America: Civil War do EVERYTHING that Batman v Superman should have done? And, oh yeah, FREAKING SPIDER-MAN!!! What will YOU think of the opinions of Earth’s Mightiest Geeks going against each other, brother vs brother vs redheaded step child vs the other brother who’s going through some things right now, you wouldn’t understand. Choose your side!

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Captain America: Civil War

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