The Weekly Jump

Posted by | August 16, 2017
The Weekly Jump 167 – The Legendary Pun Off

How Do We Stop!? We kick off talking about Dream Daddy begin what will be the inevitable mind breaking of us as a pun off is declared, following up with...

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Posted by | August 9, 2017
The Weekly Jump 166 – Everything Goes Back to Devil May Cry

  *insert douchy sounding Jackpot!* We kick off by talking about who would make good exterminators, as we than kick off in Hollow Knight and how god damn amazing it...

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Posted by | July 19, 2017

YOU ALL HAVE NO IDEA OF THE WEIGHT OF YOUR WORDS We take about how hype some theme park ideas would be with our absurd question of the week and...

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Posted by | July 12, 2017
The Weekly Jump 164 – You Are a Metal Gear Squid Now

"SISTER! WE ARE ON THE EDGE OF THE NEW 21ST CENTURY!" HOLY SHIT SPLATOON LORE IS DARK AS FUCK! We than talk of Sonic Mania and how risky/brilliant idea may...

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Posted by | June 20, 2017
The Weekly Jump 163 – ARISE FROM YOUR GRAVE HD1J!

WE LIVE!!! We dive head deep into E3 2017 talks as we kick off talking about what we most wanted to see at E3 and have our minds blown at...

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Posted by | November 19, 2016
The Weekly Jump 162 – That Time Leo Broke the Seventh Seal

And triggered the second Space Jam Weekly Line Up of 11-15-16 A Look into Dishonored 2 and Watch Dogs 2 - Space Hulk: Death Wing Enter the Space Hulk...

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Posted by | October 12, 2016
The Weekly Jump 160 – Set the Bar Low, and Deliver Even Less!

  YEA!   Weekly Line Up of 10-11-16 - Mafia 3 Launch and Impressions - Space Hulk Weapons Trailer - Wasteland 3 Fully Funded - Yooka...

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Posted by | September 21, 2016
The Weekly Jump 159 – Not Enough Money to Make me Like You

Life lesson folks... Weekly Line Up of 9-20-16 - Gears of War 4 Launch Trailer - Aragami Announcement Trailer - Ocean Horn Review - Mass Effect:...

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Posted by | August 31, 2016
The Weekly Jump 158 – MANKIND IS SCREWED

If the next Deus Ex game is not called that, I quit.   Weekly Line Up of 8-30-16 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Spoiler Free First Look! - Duke Nukem...

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Posted by | July 20, 2016
The Weekly Jump 156 – Berserk Levels of WOW Money

  EVO 2016 was hype but man that new Berserk anime sucked.... Weekly Line Up of 7-19-16 – Nerd about EVO EVO Bonus: – SFV Grand Final

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