“DOOM 4” is the sequel to one of my favorite games ever made, this series essentially invented the FPS genre and holds a deep place to my heart as something I still go back to play now and than.

The original idea for “DOOM 4” was actually scrapped and the team restarted the development to give us the “DOOM 4” we have some game-play of right now for you all to enjoy…..and it does not disappoint! You are a really insane marine who is basically jumping head first into Mars (and Hell) to wipe out the demon scourge that has taken up residence on the red planet but anyway lets give a quick rundown on what we got here.

  • Doom Guy
    . Hulking space marine who gives no shits to the enemy….check.
    . Can hold multiple weapons (up to 9 total).
    . Can eviscerate enemies with his bare hands.
    . Can double jump and climb.
  • Weapons
    . Trusty Shotgun
    . Chainsaw
    . Assault Rifle
    . Plasma Rifle
    . Super Shotgun
  • Demons
    . Zombies
    . Imps
    . Cacodemon
    . Revenant
    . Man-Cubus
    . Hell Knight
    . Cyberdemon

And throw a multi-player option on top of that with the ability to create your own games and levels and we got a solid “DOOM 4” people!

We will keep you updated with “DOOM 4” information as it becomes available!


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