Far Cry 5 Revealed, and It’s Not What We Expected…or is It?

This week, Ubisoft has revealed the setting and antagonists for the fifth installment of their Far Cry series. The quick trailer teases a Montana setting, while their antagonist revealed the company’s most ambitious outing yet.

“The violent backwoods hillbilly angle is really hot in gaming right now,” explained Yannis Mallat, CEO of Ubisoft Montreal. “Resident Evil 7 and Outlast II have shown that this concept is still interesting enough to exploit, but Fry Cry has always been about beating concepts to death, and that is why we chose to center our game around the most famous backwoods cult in American history, the WWE’s Wyatt Family.”

After the less-than-stellar response to Far Cry Primal, Ubisoft sought out help from one of the most famously money-making companies in the world, World Wrestling Entertainment. This partnership, of course, would mean a massive amount of creative control being handed over WWE CEO Vince McMahon. “I’ve always told amazing stories,” says McMahon, “and this allowed me to finally tell the story of Randy Orton’s feud with the Wyatt family in a way that fans will definitely not feel beaten over the head with.”

As McMahon promised, Far Cry 5’s story will be based off of the storyline, and subsequent feud, that dominated the wrestling world for a staggering eight months, and culminated in the totally not-disappointing House of Horrors Match. “Everyone loved the House of Horrors Match,” McMahon continued. “I don’t have bad ideas.”

“Yes, players will get to control Randy Orton throughout the story as he attempts to escape the Wyatt Family compound,” Mallat confirmed. He also confirmed that this thematic turns means new variations on gameplay mechanics. “With this new Far Cry, we realized that instead of varied stealth takedowns, people want the ability to RKO an entire group of people, one after the other, out of nowhere, and we are going to give that to them.”

Press O to RKO Out of Nowhere

While it is confirmed that Bray Wyatt, Eric Rowan, and Luke Harper will all appear as antagonists in the title, Mallat and McMahon have told us that they won’t be the only WWE Superstars to appear. “We are taking deep dives into Wyatt lore, by also including one-time member Daniel Bryan,” Mallat explained, ” but we are also taking some liberties by adding new members like Sheamus and WWE Legend Kevin Nash as members.” The only member of the family that has not been revealed is the mysterious female in the release poster, but Mallat is remaining tight lipped on whether or not she is the infamous Sister Abigail.

When reached for comment on his involvement in the game’s development, Randy Orton released this statement:

“I don’t know exactly what a Far Cry is.”


Mallat made sure not to give away all of the fun and surprises, but promised that fans will not be disappointed when they find out just who is behind all of the family’s nefarious plots in the newest Far Cry installment…but it’s probably Vince himself. He can’t help but put himself in everything.

The true eater of world

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