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Staying wide awake speaking to Enrique Zulberti of WANNABE about their new Kickstarter game NOOZh. 


NOOZh is a well balanced mixture between a storyteller and a dungeon crawler. In the game, the daily life of a real girl is mixed with, and affected by the nightmarish world of NOOZh she enters when sleeping.

The Dungeon Crawling side of the game has gigantic generative platformer levels to roam, with only a cell phone screen as a source of light to guide the way. The goal in this aspect is to try and escape the evil that inhabits the dungeons while walking, running and jumping. To do this you must try to avoid the traps set on the level and solve the puzzles to escape. Also, you will need to find the keys to unlock doors to find passage to other levels and to safety!


In the real life side, you must guide the girl through her daily life. Choosing what she does affects the game in many possible ways. The decisions you make in the real world affect the world of NOOZh. The girl’s psychology is altered by the events that happen within the NOOZh world and in her real life. This psychological changes will be reflected in her daily life. Some events will happen randomly in her life for no apparent reason, just because it’s her life. So, although some parts of her life you can control, others you can´t. This will give the girl a real character feel.

You must also find scrolls to complete the story on what NOOZh is and how it came to be.

The gameplay style is oriented to Play as much as you want: the game is endless. Generative levels create a unique experience every time the game is played.


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