Poop the Game: The Review

Its a bird, no it’s a plane….nope it’s just a clogged toilet!

Just imagine you and all of your friends gathered around a toilet and each of you is taking their turn, in hopes that their large dump doesn’t clog the toilet. This is the premise for a card game by Feels Right Design aptly entitled Poop the Game.

After a recent and successful Kickstarter campaign Feels Right Design has brought this simple, Uno-like, card game to the masses. Just as their marketing implies the game it’s really awesome to play with kids or to play multiple rounds with friends and even make it into a drinking game.

The basic objective of the game is to take turns pooping (placing colored/numbered poop pile cards down, onto a numbered toilet card) in hopes of being the first person to run out of cards. Seems simple enough right. Well that’s when the fun begins!

The draw to Poop, other than the name itself, is also the extra cards that get thrown in that make players perform weird tasks. These tasks, thrust upon a player as wild cards, have one performing weird noises and reversals of turns.

Poop also comes with a couple extra rules cards that are referred to as Poop Remix’s. The cards offer up to six  extra ways to play the game and definitely kept up the excitement as I played through with a group of friends. They all have an assortment of cheeky names like The Blind Pooper, The Deep Doo Doo Remix, and Super Pooper. These were my favorites to play with (other than the drinking rules) and gave the group a chance to come and go as the night went on and to figure out which of your friends is a vindictive pooper.
Lessons learned from my time clogging up the plumbing…

– Playing Poop with kids makes them giggle uncontrollably.
– Playing with more than 4 people makes the game really hard to play.
– THERE’S AN EXPANSION PACK COMING…solves the above problem.
– Sometimes making up your own remix rules adds to the fun!
– You will reference every time you ever remember playing Uno. Because…rules.

It’s the most hilarious fun you’ll have watching your friends take a dump.

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