Prey – Of Gloo Cannons and Fabricator Grenades

Dishonored developer Arkane has been rather mysterious about its upcoming Prey reboot, but now the Austin-based studio has spilled the beans on what its sci-fi horror/stealth hybrid is like to actually play.

We already knew that you could morph into a coffee cup, (as could your alien adversaries, for that matter) and use a “Gloo Cannon” in a similar capacity to Metroid’s iconic Freeze Ray, but now we’ve seen a whole new host of powers on display.

To witch, you can summon a “Superthermal” pillar of heat to melt enemies, manifest a “Kinetic Blast” to repel them, or learn the telekinetic “Leverage” power to move large objects about.

Interestingly, the developer noted that “weapons are rare”, so this won’t be a shooter, as some may have expected given the series’ legacy. Instead, you’ll have to get creative in how to defeat (or avoid) foes. One example shown above involves mimicking a grenade, rolling across the ground, then using a Kinetic Blast to propel oneself onto a ledge. Clever!

You can’t rely on alien superpowers too much, however, as using such abilities too often will attract more monsters.

There will also be a crafting component to Prey, as you can throw a “recycler charge” to convert surplus office paraphernalia into matter that can then be converted into items at a “Fabricator”.

If I had to put a description of it I would say I am getting strong Dishonored/Prey/System Shock vibes from this….and I am so okay with that.

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