For The King
Posted by | August 15, 2017
Review: For the King

The King was loved by many IronOak Games got the attention of the indie scene during their first Kickstarter campaign, getting over three thousand backers to triple their initial asking...

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Thea Logo
Posted by | December 1, 2015
Thea: The Awakening — First Look

Welcome to the game. Everything is awful. Thea: The Awakening from Muha Games is a Slavic, dark-fantasy, procedural, rogue-like civilization game. One hundred years after a terrible cataclysm plunged the...

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Posted by | July 25, 2015
Phantasmal — First Look

Sneak. Die. Rinse Repeat. Phantasmal, by Eyemobi was a Kickstarter, that became a Steam Greenlight and is now in Early Access. You start out in a room with a gun,...

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