The Weekly Jump Episode 113 – Two Jumps, One Press Play, and a Cool Nerd

The movie and sequel no one ever really wanted….

We talk about what E3 should be called and immediately descend into bad territory! Than “Mighty No.9” has a release date and a cool action figure! Than “Blood Stained” shows how much money it truly has and even has some game-play for all to go nuts at! “Galaxy Heist” is the space shooter game that that we all have wanted for many years and it could now happen! “GLOOM” has a kick-starter about to kick in and it is a Lovecraft card games for crap’s sake! Than a positive story to “EVE Online” as a man says he will blow up his Titan ship for his fight against cancer! “Mirror’s Edge 2” is now “Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst” which is like….a remake we guess. Digital Sports brings news of more sponsorships, YouPorn has its own team now, video games are going into X Games, and a possible station for broadcasting digital sports in the future! THAN MAJOR NERD OUT FOR DARK SOULS 3 HYPE AS WE BREAK DOWN WHAT SMALL RUMORS WE HAVE HEARD!  Than Halo 5 leaks begin to show as we question some of their decisions on what they are aiming for. “Fallout 4” has a reveal trailer, new Arkham Knight stuff, and many other little fun things as well!

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Link Dump

Weekly Line Up of 6-9-15

Eve Online Event

Dark Souls 3 Leaks
Monster Hunter June DLC
Mighty No. 9 Release Date
Final Fantasy 15 Demo 2.0
Total War: Warhammer First Pictures
Fallout 4 Reveal
Dragon’s Dogma Release Date/ Compare Video for PS3 and PS4
Arkham Knight Red Hood Trailer
GLOOM Digital

Blog Comments

Huh–I didn’t actually catch that, but I noticed that her throwing the chain around Mack Rattray’s neck was really weird, and someone told me that the original, unaired pilot did, in fact, have some weird myorteisus lady that they then took out. I don’t know if they’ve dropped her entirely, or they just figured that if they weren’t going to follow up on it any time soon, it would just be too confusing.

In looking at Davey’s photograph on the gallows (and those of the other fellows as well) I noticed one thing – the nooses were put on BEFORE the white hood. Usually, according to custom, the white (or black as the case may be) “death cap” is usually put on first with the noose put on last over the cap. Accordingly, to what I have read, this was to keep the rope from cutting deeply into the neck which was not done as Powell’s neck was supposedly deeply cut….

On new tires, how do you remove those tire nipples on the sides without hurting yourself? I can never lay the bike down low enough in corners to scrub them off. I’m sure Kevin knows.

If I communicated I could thank you enough for this, I’d be lying.

This is a neat summary. Thanks for sharing!

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