The Weekly Jump 150 – The Movie Podcast

Rip Peter. He’s on the Dead Boat now. He can’t stop me from writing whatever I want.

Its our (roughly) 3 year anniversary! To celebrate, we have none of the founding members on!!! This week James, Brian, Catie, and Dan (That’s me!) talk about video games and get distracted talking about movies. When I write these posts, we get distracted. Its inevitable. But first, we all say what the biggest news story was to us over these past 3 years.More stuff about Warcraft is coming out, yet Dan is starting to get apprehensive about it. The Assassin’s Creed movie has pre-orders…seriously. ChVrches debut an original song for the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Us nerds discuss drugs and fair play in professional sports as ESL cracks down on drugs in E-sports. The new Kojima picture looks awesome. There are also other things. Cool things. Interesting things. Things you will never believe. CLICKBAIT!


Weekly Line Up of 5-16-16 (James and Dan made this. Its our first time. Be gentle.)
New Warcraft Clips
Assassin’s Creed Trailer
Follow up with Pre-Order Packages (ugh) –
Starwars Battlefront II coming in 2017 –
Offers made for Lionhead by Microsoft wouldn’t’ sell Fable IP –
ChVrches debuts original song for new Mirror’s Edge Catalyst –
ESL Reveals plan to clean up doping, corruption and cheating in E-sports –
Dragonball Xenoverse 2 headed stateside –
Doom WASN’T 3D! –
Doom gushing
Dark Souls Board Game nets 3.7 milion pounds. (5.4 million USD -
Overwatch Gushing
Kojima announces full body rendering of his Kojima Studios icon figure. –


Dan says hi!

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