The Weekly Jump 155- Pirates-mon Go!

We haven’t wrote a summary for the jump in awhile. I will not bring it back today. I will apologize for the late Jump. My day job has severely cut into my editing time. This is also why I haven’t actually been on the Jump. I am aiming to get the Jump up on Wednesday or Thursday evenings. Peter is still dead. When Peaster (Peter’s Resurrection) happens, we may revert back to our old schedule. Whatever you do, DON’T BLAME POKEMON GO! IT IS INNOCENT AND PURE AND WONDERFUL

#InstinctorExtinct…/no-mans-skys-18-qui…/1100-6441663/ – No Man’s Sky Gone Gold…/802508750/prey-for-the-gods – Prey for The Gods…/valve-employee-accidentally-shows… – Illuminati Confirmed? – Sea of Theives – Overwatch Welcomes Ana – Battlefield Coming to TV – Resident Evil 4 Remaster: How Leon Got his Groove Back for the 52nd Time – Death’s Gambit Immortals Trailer

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