The Weekly Jump 163 – ARISE FROM YOUR GRAVE HD1J!


We dive head deep into E3 2017 talks as we kick off talking about what we most wanted to see at E3 and have our minds blown at Mario Kingdom XCOM being a thing! Than Breath of Wild DLC and Metroid 4 being brought from the brink of no where! We lose our shit over Monster Hunter World as it careens on the hype train into our hearts. Super Mario Odyssey looking so pretty and fantastic as well! We look at Bioware’s new game known as Anthem or “We don’t need no stinking facial animations.” and it looks pretty. Horizon Zero Dawn DLC revealed as we ready ourselves to enter the world of robo dinosaurs. Wolfenstein 2 looks fantastic as well as Shadow of Colossus Remake hype! Peter and I lose our shit over The Evil Within 2 and Dishonored 2 DLC. Terry Crews is your boss in Crackdown 3 and it looks hype. The new Spider Man game looks fantastic and Peter does not wish to talk about the new Assassin’s Creed Origins. Detroit: Become Human is a thing and god help us all.

Like E3? Like HD1J? Like Resurrection from Death?


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